Technology from Nature

New Electronic Oxygen Radical Generator
Technology in Ozonated water products:
- proven to eliminate 99.999% of pathogens
  within 5 second contact time

New Technology changing the world

The new Electronic Oxygen Radical Generator => EORG

A Finnish EOD Europe company has developed the new EORG technology. EORG technology is an electrochemical way of producing ozone and other naturally occurring reactive oxygen species

directly into the water.

With the EOD devices, you are able to modify water molecules into sanitizing oxygen species that efficiently eliminates impurities and microbes like organic dirt and pathogens through oxidation reaction

without leaving detergent-and chemical residues behind.

Ozonated water produced with the EORG technology is proven to eliminate 99.999%

of the investigated pathogens within 5 second contact time.

Hence, ozonated water is modern and environment friendly option to traditional disinfecting detergents. As ozonated water is a residue-free sanitizer, it enables safe cleaning of food contact surfaces, fabrics/upholstery, and different tools. In addition, ozonated water enables comprehensive and chemical-free cleanliness of for example public areas and sanitary, service, customer, and reception facilities.

Efficiency of ozonated water against different pathogens and spoiling microbes has been investigated for over a century and there are hundreds of scientific publications about the topic. Water ozonation has long been in use for example in disinfection of bottled water.


Electronic oxygen radical generator


New technology from nature

In 2019 our scientists made a breakthrough in water electrolysis technology. They found a way to harness the earth’s most proven, natural, and efficient way of disinfecting.

For the first time in history it is possible to use only regular tap water in generation of oxygen radicals and ozone with electrolysis.

Our innovation enables the formation of oxygen radicals not only ozone. Oxygen radicals are known to be more efficient against pathogens than regular ozonised water. This new technology gives our device the capability to produce disinfective water more affordably and many times more efficiently than what has been possible in the past.

The oxygen radical water generated by our new EORG technology is able to eliminate up to 99,999% of the microbes, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, protozoa, and the biofilm shielding various pathogens within a 5 second contact time.

Regular ozonised water used worldwide with the same concentration takes at least 30 to 60 seconds to achieve the same disinfecting results. In these concentrations, traditional cleaning chemicals cannot compete with ozonised water.

Efficiency of our EORG technology is tested and verified by SGS, the world’s leading testing, and certification company.

What is water ozonation?

Ozone is a naturally existing gas containing three oxygen atoms. It is also naturally dissolved into water, raining down, and helping plants to fight diseases and offering clean drinking water for wildlife.

After a thunder storm or heavy rain it is ozone you are able to sense as the smell of “fresh air”. When ozone is dissolved in clean water already half of it is decomposed to oxygen within 20-30 minutes. Ozone and radical oxygen particles in the water tremendously speed up the decomposition of the contaminants due to ozone-driven oxidation.

Ozone has been utilised in water purification for over a century. Hence, there are hundreds of articles and publications about its phenomenal disinfective abilities against pathogens including viruses, bacteria, moulds, yeast, and protozoa, in addition to biofilms and spores that are forming. Oxidation power of ozone and oxygen radicals is also efficient to organic and inorganic dirt.

What is different from others?

EORG utilizes water electrolysis by splitting water molecules and turning them not only to ozone but, thanks to pioneering nanomaterial technology also to oxygen radicals. Oxygen radicals are non-selective oxidants that possesses even higher oxidation potential than the more selective ozone.

Ozone and oxygen radicals generated by the EORG technology are immediately dissolved into the water as they are generated from the water. In dissolved state ozone and forms of oxygen radicals are safe to handle as their power is harnessed into water media.

1ppm (parts per million) oxygen radical water equals efficiency of almost 500ppm ozone gas in air. 4-8ppm ozone concentration in water has been proven to be safe for human and animals when much less than 500ppm of ozone gas is lethal and phytotoxic. Ozone gas and ozonized water are two completely different technologies that cannot be compared. Gaseous ozone is unstable and harmfull, be careful with air ozonators. This is why we harnessed the power in a safe liquid form.


Changing the world of disinfection

We are a 25-year-old retail and distribution company. The head office is located in Tallinn, Estonia. The company has more than 60 departments in the Baltics and employs more than 400 people. The main activity is retail and wholesale of office and school supplies. 

CHARLOT works in all sales sectors - b2b, wholesale and own retail. Our clients are state and municipal companies, private companies from different fields of activity, private clients

In addition, we produce school and office supplies in our company in Kohila.

The factory exports its products 80% to Scandinavia.

In the spring of 2020, Charlot entered into a global distribution

agreement with EOD Europe. CHARLOT is EOD Europe partner and distributor.

We are looking for customers all over the world.

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The products has been issued by the Estonian Health Board with the state biocide registration certificate no. 2188/21

SARS-CoV-2 Study

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