Modern pandemics are changing the world. We offer a novel solution!

Small, handheld and affordable sanitizer sprayers for your personal use indoors and outdoors.

Kills up to 99,999% of pathogens within 5 seconds contact time with no toxic residues.

Just use normal tap water and you have an efficient multipurpose sanitizer that gives pathogens no chance to become resistant to it.


Technical data

Oxygen radical sprayer 50ml

Turns tap water into a disinfectant.

Great for on the go, home or office.

Easy to use, handheld, small spray bottle.

Charging is achieved with a standard USB Micro-B connector

You can make 50ml of highly effective disinfectant

in 1 minute


User manual




Oxygen radical sprayer 300ml

Turns tap water into a disinfectant

An excellent choice for on the go and for cleaning surfaces at  home or at the office

Easy to use, handheld, medium-sized spray bottle

For charging a standard USB Micro-B connector is used

You can make 300 ml of highly effective disinfectant

in 1minute

User manual





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